Oscar de la Renta's home in the 1970s; this room is the love child of a Delft factory and a Magic Eye picture. Where do the walls end and decorations begin? Low lamps on Chinese stools are unexpected, as is the fabric scalloped border, draped across the mirror's north line. Don't miss the little ceramic frog...

At low resolution, it's challenging to make out whether these plates are ironstone, ceramic, patterned, or solid... but the sudden effect of weight on the wall is a counterpoint to the lightness of the room that lends gravitas. 

A twist on the classic color combination of trees and sky; this pistachio green punches up the plates, and don't miss the delft details in chandelier and sconces. I'm curious about the rug - custom? 

My apartment, with a dramatic dose of color. I didn't find the Baratta design above until after painting the walls green - perhaps if I'd been fortified with more color courage from the above image, I'd have spent less time agonizing in the paint aisle. My own plates are a mix of Tiffany, Urban Outfitters, unidentifiable thrift, Home Goods, Wedgewood and Delft acquired on travel, and Anthropologie. The only thing I'd change? More plates. I'm thinking some very small ones slipped in around the sides...

Soft, soft, soft... I feel convinced that dinner parties in this room must be quieter, more congenial. The symmetry of the plates is steadying - it's an orderly space.

The look of NOW. Old stuff in new colors. The Louder Is Living Club. Could this be any different than the room above? I believe those plates may be jadite - if you're inspired, grab an armful off of Etsy.
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