Charlotte Moss for Fabricut fabrics.

...gathers no Moss. Charlotte Moss visited the Washington Design Center today, and admonished designers hoping to make it on the quick:  "Work, work, work!" Her talk was a breathless tour of exteriors (India to Europe) and interiors (fabric design to fetes in French chateaus), that left audience members slightly winded - Q&A revolved around one central question:  how do you do it all? To which, Charlotte:  "Work, work, work!" And if you're not talented? "Work harder!"

Moss's line for Fabricut, Caroline, displayed in the Currant, Forget Me Not, Grass, and Rattan colorways - her presentation included images of the baskets in her own home that inspired the pattern. Her furniture for Century also incorporates a subtle basketweave.

You've seen the ad...

Sadly, the dogs were not included. A fabulous skirt and crisp white shirt - Carolina Herrera would wear this!

Moss's newest book, her EIGHTH, comes out in October - it's on scrapbooking. 
"A house is like a scrapbook - an accumulation, layered, autobiographical." - Charlotte Moss. DC can be grateful to Moss for sharing some of her own autobigraphy - she is an inspiration!
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