If you haven't been to a (non-sold out, picked-over) Target recently, be sure to check out their newest home decor line, Privet House. The line is yet another of Target's ever popular celeb-shops - Missoni, Jason Wu, and the like - based on the actual Privet House (check it out HERE). Shopping around on the website wasn't terribly impressive, but when I walked in the store, I saw THESE.

Actually, they looked like this...
My first thought when I saw them was:  fantastic. And my second thought was:  what a horribly boring color! In this dull silver, they were immanently missable - I only spotted them on a second pass down the aisle. Plainly, they were screaming to be gold.

One leftover bottle of craft paint and a few brush strokes later, and they were on their way. Spray painting would be a great option, but I was too impatient and just used the supplies I had on hand. These would also be fantastic in a lacquer white (or black!).

Haven't decided where I'll finally place them, but I love the effect. And even with a little elbow grease, they're so much cheaper than the real thing. They appear to be made out of tin, and the palm leaves are movable, so you can shape them a little. 
The best part? The small is $14.99, and the tall is $19.99. Go get a few while you can!
P.S. And let me know if you paint your own - I'd love to see the results!
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7 comments: said...

much better gold.
Also, I wanted to leave a comment on your other post (where you show the whole apt). You have done such an amazing job. Putting your bed where you did is so out of the box and SO smart!

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

Love your little vignette! Good call on the gold paint - the silver was drab.

Ashley said...

Recently found your blog through the AT Small Cool! I had the same thought about painting the candlesticks and yours look fantastic!

The Visual Vamp said...

I have loved this print forever, first seeing it when I took my first trip to Los Angeles when I was in my 20's.
I die for those shoes!
Check out Debra Shriver's kitchen in New Orleans that was published in House Beautiful.
And your cushions are so adorable in your adorable house!
xo xo said...

Brilliant! I love that nook in your home, and now it's perfectly lit. Love. It.

fireplace surround said...

Privet House's most of the collections are excellent. Though the golden looking stuffs are not looking so great.

- Herman Swan

Houston Patio said...

Yup, your gold touch did the trick. Now they're elegant.


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