No, you haven't gone color blind! Sanity Fair is looking a little different today. For more than a year, Sanity Fair resembled a crayon box after a little C-4 - a shade explosion! Plainly, there wasn't a hot pink I couldn't handle:

But lately, hot pink was starting to seem a little... dated. You know, "Hey, I'm still wearing my high school t-shirts" dated. (Or maybe even college. We won't go there.) So, today we're opting for a little more sophisticated touch, à la grayscale. I'm not promising she'll stay this way forever (I am color-crazy; that isn't changing). But here's where a few fonts in Word, some Fotoflexer action, and a little frantic googling of HTML terms got me in one evening. Hope you like our new look!


P.Gaye Tapp at Little Augury said...

I like it!

Samantha said...

Very sophisticated. And I like that you DIY'd it.


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