On October 21, the new Nate Berkus line for Target will debut. I'm really excited about this one, because Berkus is a natural match for high style and low prices (his line for HSN has a wonderful flair), but also, because Target plans to "continually refresh" the collection, which means no ridiculous midnight shopping or showing up bright and early on the day of a new release to find the shelves already picked clean by ebay resale vultures ("Madam, I do not believe you actually need the 47 Missoni dog bowls in your cart").

Henceforth, a preview:

GREEN turtle shells! These are going straight in my red shopping cart!

Very chic - especially as a pair. Flanking a buffet, they'd be fantastic.

These vases don't really want flowers - they're sculptural on their own.

Very dwell studio (any chance the headboard is part of the collection? It's fab).

In the meantime, Target doesn't disappoint - these wire starbursts are very fun (and very cheap).

A little old Hollywood glamour...

And these faux mongolian lamb poufs are marvelous! The gray especially. 

A few parting thoughts on what to do with them...

/Images/ Target, via Curbed/ My own/ Lonny April-May 2010/


My Notting Hill said...

Looking forward to his collection too. Your post title is terrific!

Faux Fuchsia said...

I wish these collaboratios came to Australia. We always miss out x

Jamie Herzlinger said...

Love the curly lamb! Great items!
Love the post!
Jamie Herzlinger


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