Last year, I passed through Calgary on my way to Jasper National Park, and I was amazed by the number of decor shops and design studios lining the streets - which would explain the increasing numbers of quality Canadian decor magazines on the newsstand shelves. Canadian House & Home is one of my favorites, and I snatched the September issue up when I saw this space by Sean Ward on the cover (excuse the sprinkling of iPhone pictures):

The theme was Big Ideas/Small Spaces, and my favorite was this 600 sq foot apartment in New York, NY. Olympia Bermann, knitwear designer for J.Crew, decorated the three-room apartment. (Thanks to Halcyon Style for making these available online.)

Another favorite was Margot Austin's 520 square foot bungalow in Scarborough, Ontario (naturally, I loved the use of green!).

Designer Deb Nelson turned this upstairs office space in her Halifax shop into an overnight pad, where she could stay above the store during hectic times. At 360 square feet, she worked wonders.
/Images/ Halcyon Style/ House & Home/


jackie jade said...

Ooh love the first apartment. How did they get a close that's way bigger than any of mine in my 1200 square foot house? Ha. I must be doing something wrong!

Linda {Calling it Home} said...

I love those green chairs. Small spaces is all the's the new big thing ;)

Jamie Herzlinger said...

Love the desk! Great choice of photos!
Love your blog!


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