When I first moved to D.C., I kept hearing about a place called "Eastern Market," and visions of bins of spices, fresh fish, and exotic woven goods swept through my head. When I visited, I found it was a little more... Western, but still brimming with marvelous things. The EM has its own metro stop, and its own eats - from homemade donuts and fresh cakes sold at stands by local farmers, to the restaurants of 8th street. A great way to start a day at EM is with a brunch at Ted's Bulletin; don't forget the peanut butter and bacon pop tart!

Off to shop - the market has everything - jewelry, furniture, antique linens, vintage maps, pottery, original art, and on and on. The Booda Boutique stall had these marvelous beaded ikat clutches - love! These (and the clutch and bracelets below) are also available online

 Elsewhere in the market, piles of straw bags and baskets...

Typeset, so you can create your own custom artwork.

Many DC-area artists and photographers have their own booths.

The Antiochia stall sells traditional Turkish bath towels (imported), and they're marvelous. I have the hand towels, and I can attest that they're the real deal. When I shopped in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul earlier this year, I found the same towels, and the prices at Antiochia were slightly better!

This delicate little carved bamboo piece was only $40. If only I had more unfilled corners in my apartment - if only.

Did I mention the produce? VA and MD farmers truck in everything from fresh flowers, fruits, and veggies, to their own home-made jams, cakes, and pies.

And handmade soaps!

A number of stalls also sell children's toys, like these traditional pull-alongs.
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Do you have a favorite flea market? 

2 comments: said...

Eastern Market is the only Flea I can get my husband and son to go to with me. Very fun! I think my favorite for home decor stuff is the Georgetown Flea though.

Samantha said...

I like to hone in on critical details. . . is that a Pop Tart?


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