You remember how it started, don't you? Kneeling over a pile of pudding-colored clay at summer camp, as that mushy lump on the wheel turned into... a bowl? A cup? You mashed a string of clay on the side for a handle, and called it a mug. Mom kept it for years. You graduated next to store-bought varieties, gifting them to parents, aunts, and uncles, until you began drinking coffee, and people began gifting mugs your way. Housewarmings, holidays, sporting events, clubs, office parties. Mug madness!

Mugs... the neckties of the ceramics world. Where to hide them (a rack in your closet won't do)? There are two different strategies:  conceal or reveal. First up, storing them in plain sight - if they're fabulous. Massive kitchen glam brought to you by Kelly Wearstler.

Via BH&G; designer not given credit on their website, sadly.

Or, you can go cloak and dagger (aka mug and solid cabinet). Nothing to see here! Move along! By Miles Redd.

Allison Caccoma

Sarah Richardson

An all-white kitchen allows the ceramics to traverse the color spectrum (Svensky Stylistgruppen). 

Ultimately though, I'm going to say that the solution to mug clutter is a healthy dose of inner strength and a trash can (or trip to Goodwill). Chances are, you just don't need most of them. And then you can buy all color-coordinated replacements!
(Room via BH&G, no attribution)

And, Christmas is just around the corner... (mugs by Kate Spade).

/Images/ via Pinterest and as attributed/ Macy's/


Mike said...

The green in the kitchen looks fabulous.

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