For something we see first thing, every day, medicine cabinets are usually an eyesore. Mine is typical: plastic, yellowed, and very unappealing. As much as I'd love to have a beautiful cabinet like this one, it's not in my budget. 

                                            The shimmery, mother-of-pearl-like background and covered shelves are lovely.

So I decided I'd give prettying up my own scary medicine cabinet a shot on the cheap. At the Washington Design Center's sample sale, I bought several rolls of Thibaut wallpaper, including this Guadeloupe wallpaper in the grey colorway - how cute are the monkeys? I don't have enough to do a full wall, so I've been looking for smaller projects.

I measured the inside of the medicine cabinet, and then affixed the wallpaper to the back of the cabinet with double stick tape (sorry for the low quality photos - my bathroom lighting is the worst).

The rest of the bathroom is in gray and coral, so my new Thibaut friends fit right in. Now, every morning I'm greeted by cheerful monkeys swinging through my bathroom! 


Heidi said...

What a great idea! Love your wallpaper choice too. I'm totally going to rip this idea off and do my medicine cupboard....

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Samantha said...

That's inspiring.

Matters of Style said...


Kerry Steele- Design du Monde said...

Can you come and make my builder grade bath that cute?
P.S. Thank you for the kind comments on the Pink Pagoda today.


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