Christmas is the time of BIG! Big trees, big gifts, big hearts. But for small-space dwellers, the holidays can also offer a unique challenge:  where to fit all that Christmas cheer? Here are a few of my favorite holiday things - and how I used them in my pint-sized apartment. 

Tip One:  Go real! Faux greenery wastes storage space for 11 months out of the year, and nothing is lovelier than the fresh scent of evergreen. In my 425 square foot apartment, a tree would take up valuable floor space, so instead, a miniature fir fits on the dining table. I repurposed a ginger jar as a tree base (one less thing to store). You may notice a slight Tony Duquette sunburst and coral theme going - I got a little carried away this year!

Tip Two:  Switch out your everyday artwork for something seasonal. I love artist Jennifer's prints (over at The Pink Pagoda), and her green chinoiserie chair brings a bit of Christmas color to this bookcase, propped above some red books. Changing out pictures in frames can be a simple space-saving way to decorate.

 Tip Three:  Use decorations sparingly, but with impact. I gathered a few free evergreen branches when I bought my tree, and used a skien of ribbon and a handful of miniature golden ornaments for this spray. It's a simple way to transform a credenza or mantel, and the ornaments and ribbon fit in a ziplock bag for off-season storage.

In the bedroom, I also did very little - just a red glitter ornament, and a silk chinese knot on an evergreen branch. Even tiny touches like these bring Christmas cheer to a room. 

Tip Four:  Invest in little things you love. I have a thing for nutcrackers AND Asian-inspired design, so you can only imagine my thrill at discovering geisha nutcrackers! Who knew? They feel right at home with the foos.

/All images/ Sanity Fair; please attribute/

Happy Decorating!


Julie Leah said...

It looks absolutely gorgeous, Skyla!! I love the Chinese ornaments! And I love the idea of adding seasonal touches that aren't screaming "Christmas." Those little geishas are darling!

The Pink Pagoda said...

Your apartment is so amazing and I LOVE what you've done for Christmas! I'm honored to have one of my prints hanging! Thank you for the mention, Skyla!

Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife said...

Your tree is so fun and colorful! And I agree, even if you have space, why store a bunch of fake Christmas keeping it real. ; )

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