Since I may be officially the last person in the metro D.C. area to visit the new C. Wonder at Tyson's, I half thought they might give me a certificate or something when I finally walked in the door (on Kelly Green paper, of course). Mostly, I just wanted to see the decor, which was bright, cheering, and liberally dosed with shiny brass accents.

I immediately went for these blue and white vases and lovely green ikat-patterned dishes. 

That foo dog pillow is so charming!

Mostly though, I enjoyed the store's decor:  Osborne & Little's Royal Palace wallpaper is so fabulous, enveloping an alcove of ceramics. The display tables feel a tad too country, however.

Even check-out is full of pizzazz - especially that marvelous mosaic counter. While I was queueing, a fellow shopper noticed my Tory Burch handbag and asked if I felt like a traitor. I absolutely couldn't figure out what she was talking about - until I remembered C. Wonder was started by Burch's ex-husband. The only appropriate response was a Meg Ryan quote, a la Joe vs. The Volcano:  "I have no response to that."
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Happy shopping!


ArchitectDesign™ said...

I haven't been yet either - I won't brave Tysons for anything! It's nuts out there -haha.

Julie Leah said...

I'm coming to DC next month - this is on my to-do list!!

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Joan Troyer said...

I love the chinaware!

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