Effortless Style blogger Camila posted this fantastic pillow DIY, and I thought it was just a genius idea - and perhaps one that you didn't have to be a genius to pull off, since my craft skills are pretty much limited to anything that doesn't require precise measuring. I particularly wanted new pillows because, back in the Fall, I was lucky enough to have my apartment photographed by The Washington Post. But, when the photographs were published, I noticed something I hadn't seen before... the pillows and curtains didn't really match. They USED to match, but sun exposure had faded some hues more than others. And of course, once I noticed it, I noticed it every day. I really wanted to change my pillow covers, but without a major financial investment, so I decided to make my own.

Then:  slightly different shades (Photo by Katherine Frey).

Now:  I kept the emerald green ikat pillows, and made my own lime green ribbon lattice pillows, adding a leopard print pillow that I LOVE, purchased on Etsy. 

A close-up of the pillows.

Want to have a pair of your own? They're so easy to make! I used RITVA pillow covers from IKEA, for $7.99 each, and grosgrain ribbon. I decided to go with a bold pattern (surprise) using a wide ribbon centered more on the pillow, 4 inches from the edge. Without cutting the ribbon, I loosely laid out my pattern to try the look.

Take your time to get it right! I cut extra inches to fold the edges into the pillow seams for a finished look, and then wove the ribbons over/under, pinning them in place. I cut four 21 inch ribbons for the "square" part of the pattern, and four 19 inch ribbons for the cross pieces. ALSO:  the IKEA pillow covers were supposed to be 22x22, but were actually slightly different sizes. You may need to eyeball the final look, rather than relying on your measuring tape.

Tuck your ribbon edges into the seams as below, and be careful not to glump the fabric glue - as you can see, it will spot a bit if too much is applied.

After you've glued down each ribbon, take a toothpick and run a little glue under the edge of the ribbon wherever it bulges. This will keep it from rippling when the pillow is plumped inside. (I made these over Christmas vacation, so my Dad took some photos. He has requested credit as photographer :).

And here's the result!

I really have a thing for leopard, and was delighted to find this lovely pillow in the AriannaBelle shop on Etsy. It's great quality, and she shipped it quickly. I think it just makes the space. To tie the pillow into the look, I added a few more leopard touches, including Jan Shower's decor book, Glamorous Rooms, with its animal cover, and a cheetah-print lucite tray. I made the tray myself - you can find the DIY here.


You will need:  
IKEA pillow covers, fabric glue, several yards of ribbon, a tape measure, toothpicks, and stick pins.

-Be very careful not to get any glue on the zippers when folding under end pieces of ribbon. A simple piece of masking tape over the teeth will do the trick.

-Even though it dries clear, fabric glue can "stain" through the ribbon, and show up darker when dry, so you want to avoid applying too much. Applying glue in a  zig zag worked best,  and was less prone to leave a mark.

-It's pretty nigh impossible to glue the ribbons without wearing the adhesive - I found that nail polish remover will get fabric glue off your skin (tip within a tip:  don't get a manicure before doing this project). 

For the full DIY, visit Camila's post. Happy crafting!


Julia Ryan said...

love this project since I first saw Camilla's post. I have a pair of those pillow cases I picked up at ikea last fall and have been waiting to do something with them. I think I'm finally going to try this out!

Wendy said...

Your pillows turned out great! I'm definitely pinning this idea to try later!

Laura Collins said...

Love the result- great job, amazing with the leopard!!

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

Love you new pillow(s). The leopard print is a fun touch!

The Pink Pagoda said...

WOW! Your pillows look fantastic! The leopard pillow with them is perfect!

Samantha said...

Love your ribbons and your leopard and your DIY ability. And your photog - wow.

Taylor Greenwalt said...

That was so how the pillows came out!

Brandi said...

Your pillows and living are gorgeous!!

Rick said...

A great room. I love your sofa. I want a high back sofa. Is it available in stores?

Unknown said...

Great result.Love this way of design.
Nice leopard pillow.

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therelishedroost said...

Love the whole look, and I have the same leopard from Etsy in 2 20 inch lovelies!! I love the warm that little animal print added in changing ou the Season!

Glad I found this blog!!
The Relished Roost

Anonymous said...

You're a clever, clever gal. I'm lucky I can tie my shoes. Not that they tie, but you get my drift. I'm going to try this tomorrow! Thanks!


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