Spring is the best time to find Chinese garden stools at great prices! So many stores have the mistaken idea that these versatile little beauties actually go in a garden, thus prompting the seasonal rush. Well, they can, but the uses inside are infinitely more exciting. Recently, I found a number of garden stools at Home Goods and World Market - priced between $40 and $90. Here's what I discovered - and how some great designers have used them.

Gold barrel garden stools - a matched set brightens the hall, and continues the glossy theme in Christina Murphy's design.

Home Goods! It's virtually identical to the example above.

Another barrel stool, in white. I love the idea of using this in a shower - so much more stylish than those awful silver or plastic racks!

A really lovely cloud-style stool in a space by Melissa Warner. Hard to find? 

Nope. World Market was sporting this lovely example.

A lattice style stool keeps the eye moving in this House Beautiful cover room by Ashley Whittaker.

Home Goods had several great options - I particularly like the bubbly, almost beachy feel of this one.

Feeling square? Miles Redd, as always, dares to be different.

Home Goods also had this little number. I almost brought it home! But I already have more garden stools than I have floor space.

Chinese garden stools don't have to be in solid shades, as this blue and white stool proves, as used by Mark D. Sikes.

This red and black pattern stool is equally unusual, for $89 at World Market.
/Images/ all stools for sale, Sanity Fair Blog/ Room images:  Mark Sikes, via Small Shop Studio/ Stool in shower, via Legally Stylish/ Christina Murphy via Summerfield Design/ Miles Redd via Apartment Therapy/ Ashley Whittaker via Quintessence/ Melissa Warner via House Beautiful.


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