Recently, I decided to do a post on decorating with pagodas (I LOVE pagodas). Unfortunately, I began collected images of pagodas in decorative settings the same way I collect anything else:  in total ignorance of moderation. There are now more pictures than I could ever possibly share in a post, so I've decided to spread them out, one a week.

So here it is:  the first pagoda pic of the week. Naturally, this space is by Mary McDonald, featured in her beautiful book, Mary McDonald Interiors:  The Allure of Style. Mary says, "It's not just the sea-grass carpet that makes you want to walk barefoot through this house. The bohemian vibe has been carefully curated. The baskets and birdcage under the nineteenth-century mahogany claw-footed pedestal table topped with not-so-perfectly stacked piles of books create an improvised aura."
/Image/ Original source:  Mary McDonald Interiors:  The Allure of Style/ Online source:  via Pinterest, via Flickr/. Original photo by Victoria Pearson. 

I love the blue and white porcelain in this room almost as much as the pagodas. If you like the look, pop over to one of my favorite blogs, The Pink Pagoda; Jennifer has blue and white Mondays every week, OR visit her blue and white Pinterest boards, OR visit her blue and white store. Just be careful if you have an addictive personality.

Happy Weekend!

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Kim@Chattafabulous said...

That room has MM written all over it. Love the scale of those pagodas - so striking!


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