Trucking might be an odd metaphor to invoke for picture matting, but I promise, it fits. A wide, white mat can truck a variety of colors, patterns, or frames to one destination:  a unified look.

An otherwise lightless entry takes on a sunny aspect in the hands of Lauren Liess Interiors.

Home of Vera Wang president Mario Grauso and Serkan Sarier, featured in Harper's Bazaar

A broad white mat can also make an impression greater than the sum of its parts; in both of these rooms, a small image makes a big impact.

Interior Design by Pablo Paniagua and Studio in Malaga, Spain, via Nuevo Estilo.

Home of designers Curtis Elmy and Trevor Ciona, via Style at Home.
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Jen of MadeByGirl said...

Love all these spaces - especially that Spain studio, GREAT color palette in that one!!



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