Last year, I moved from my studio apartment into a HUGE new place600 square feet! With far too many odds and ends that I couldn't bear to part with, I decided to forgo anything like a bedroom set, and instead find a way to make everything I already had and loved work togetherwith a few new additions. So welcome to "The Orangery."

It's really orange, red, amber, apricot... anything in that spectrum. That said, the colors still came out off in my photosthe valance isn't quite that red, nor the bedding so tan. The two-panel screen that formed my old headboard was too small to reuse for the same purpose, and so it now decorates a corner; a new Starck Louis ghost chair provides convenient seating, without taking up much visual space. 

My old desk has moved to the bedroom, graced with a former living room lamp. The gilt bamboo magazine rack is new. When not piled with books, the Chinese garden stool becomes a seat for the desk/vanity, fitting neatly in the small space.

 The gray Greek key pillow is new, from Targetwhat a find!
The pillows are a Windsor Smith fabric.
The headboard is actually two matching screens, with a sunburst hung in-betweenI liked the drama!

The gold Foos are new, as is the little butterfly, an acquisition from the Philadelphia Flower Show (it perished of natural causes, according to the seller).

I love little boxes, and these two brass and black finds are particular favorites.

A favorite drawing in the "reading corner." The leopard pillow used to live on the couch. The folded screen has gone from a bright orange in the previous photo to an umber greige. Blame the iPhone.

The brackets are a treasured vintage shop discovery. Home Goods supplied the matching vases.

A very narrow corner gets a little dressing up with gilded frames, formerly over my living room desk. The pagoda is newone of those things you find, get wildly excited over, buy, bring home, and thinkwhat do I do with THIS? Currently, "what" is this corner. I have no regrets. 

I like gray with orangehere, it softens the orange, and picks up the soft shadows in the print on the duvet and shams from West Elm. Luckily, the carpet was already grey, and I had the walls painted this Benjamin Moore shade before moving in. It has a cozy, cocoon effectbrightened up by gilt and orange.

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That's all, folks! The living room and dining area are still in desperate need of attention, but I thought I'd at least share a peek into the one mostly finished space, since I've gotten so many kind inquiries into how decorating post-move is going. Hope you enjoyed the tour!


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