While I haven't posted in a span of time I consider a slight pause, and the calendar considers months, I wanted to share a few Christmas photos in my new-ish place. The decor is very much a work in progress (note the one forlorn, coverless bolster) and sadly lacking in paint, but things are coming along, including the installation of a 104 inch valance over the sliding doors. And, I was able to graduate from a tabletop tree to a full six feet of faux-fir glory!

The chinoiserie ornament collection has grown from a few odd bits into enough to cover an entire tree–new additions this year include blue and white vases from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and blue and white tassels from there as well, picked up at the China: Through the Looking Glass exhibit. 

The tree topper is a fan; the red lantern ornaments I found in a street market in Shanghai. They're actually meant to stick on the windshield of a car; I just switched out the suction cups for ornament hooks. It was... interesting, trying to get them back in the suitcase in one piece.

A little painted crane ornament. One year Macy's had probably 10 or 15 different really unique chinoiserie ornaments–very unexpected, and I was thrilled to find them. 

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Merry Christmas from Sanity Fair!


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