I Like Ike(a)

I adore IKEA.  Mostly because of their intoxicating cinnamon buns (which once induced me to drive 30 minutes out of my way on a cross-country trip just to taste their luscious goodness).  I also like their furniture, their sense of fun, and the instant gratification of picking it out and picking it up.  And, with a little care, you can use those inexpensive pieces in a room and make it look like, well, they're not from IKEA. Here are a few picks from their new stock.  

How many pretty displays could you fit on this bookcase?  It's a charmer. LACK bookcase, $129.

GREEN!!!! Oh joy. You would HAVE to be happy in a room with these on the windows. $9.99 a pair people. Snatch 'em up.

This is just awesome. This is IKEA love, happening right now. Seriously, an entire cowhide? I see this in your living room, next to your sleak couch and under your silver and glass coffee table. Koldby cowhide, $249. There's one in brown too.

It's a kid's toy, but it's almost Easter and I want it. SO cute. Fabler rattle, $2.99.

A pretty plate for a breakfast room. Trolsk serving bowl, $8.99.  And don't forget the cereal bowls!  $2.99 a set. 

Mouth blown glass. And it's TURQUOISE. For a $1.99. Isn't life great?

All images, IKEA.


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